We love using natural materials that look and feel luxurious, timeless, and beautiful. 

- organic cotton -

The story of organic cotton has a worldwide environmental and agricultural impact, as well as a small, personal impact next to our skin from day to day.  Conventional cotton is one of the most pesticide-heavy crops in the world.  By supporting organic cotton, we also support the livelihood of farmers who grow a well regulated raw material in high demand, in the most natural way the market allows.  Our organic cotton fabric has been certified to the highest global standard (GOTS), and is knit in the USA with domestically grown cotton whenever possible.  

- silk -

Silk has a rich history of being a highly prized textile thanks to its amazing lightness, the ability to retain brilliant colors, and an inimitable handfeel, not to mention its incredible strength and endurance over time. Our high quality textured silk is produced by a domestic silk mill that has supplied high end fashion houses for decades.  For undergarments, the washed silk georgette we use has a small percentage of spandex for maximum comfort and structure.  

- trims -

We have sourced wonderful trims made from natural and high quality synthetic materials so that you may enjoy our goods for many seasons to come.

- dyes -

Our dyes are either botanically/minerally derived or low impact synthetics, only in colors that are created by nature.



Mindful local sourcing, sustainable manufacturing, and eco-friendly operations policies are central to our company’s ethos. Domestic manufacturing has enormous potential for fostering innovative production on a small business level.  The general concept is wide reaching, bringing these values to the market as well as supporting small local manufacturers and artisans, creating opportunities for local talent along the way.



In our design studio, we strive to choose the most eco-friendly options possible for running our business. Minimizing waste is another of our many passions.  We use recycled and second hand supplies and regularly compost all food scraps.  All garment samples are drafted, cut, and sewn by hand.  Public transportation and walking are our main modes of travel, encouraging the business to grow on a very local level.